RoughAnimator v1.6.7 (Paid) APK is Here! [Latest]

RoughAnimator - animation app


A fully featured hand drawn animation program for Android. Powerful enough for professional animators, easy enough for beginners. Everything you need to animate hand drawn cartoons, wherever you are!


– Fully control timing of drawings on timeline
– Unlimited layers
– Onion skinning
– Preview playback
– Scrub along timeline
– Import audio for lip syncing
– Adjustable brushes
– Supports Galaxy Note S-Pen and other pressure sensitive devices
– Control framerate and resolution
– Export to Quicktime video, GIF, or image sequence
– RoughAnimator projects can be imported to Adobe Flash or After Effects

What’s New

– Onion skin opacity is lower on farther frames
– Can delete multiple selected drawings at once
– Relabeled a few things to be hopefully more self-explanatory and intuitive
– Project list has thumbnails
– Increased height limit to 1920
– Minor bug fixes


  • RoughAnimator - animation app Screenshot
  • RoughAnimator - animation app Screenshot
  • RoughAnimator - animation app Screenshot


RoughAnimator v1.6.7 (Paid) APK / Mirror (36.7 MB)

RoughAnimator v1.6.6 (Paid) APK / Mirror (36.3 MB)

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  1. EnochVail

    Why is it that When I download And Install It, its Just nothing Like The App’s logo Is missing And I can’t even Open It!😓😓😓
    HELP ME!!!!


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